Real estate agent in St Andrews, NSW 2566

Real estate agent in St Andrews

Safe quiet suburb - Friendly family-oriented environment. It is also a lovely little suburb really peaceful and neighbours that arent all over you, but are there if needed. Terrific value for money and brilliant access to everywhere. Its only small so not many houses come up for sale here, but if you get the chance jump on it you'll love it!!

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  • Free property appraisals for St Andrews, NSW 2566 residents
  • Personalized consultations for buyers and sellers in St Andrews, NSW 2566.
  • Property Management Services
  • Expert advice on property improvements to increase value
  • Collaborates with legal experts for secure property transactions.
  • Offers Latest market data and trends analysis
  • Consulting on property valuation based on size and location

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  • Professional real estate agents with years of experience and expertise in Sydney's Southwest area
  • Stress-free and smooth process for selling your property
  • Access to a wide range of buyers
  • Establishing the best marketing strategy for your property
  • Determining the best pricing strategy to attract the right buyers
  • Free home valuation to get the best possible price for your property


About St Andrews, NSW 2566


What makes St Andrews one of the most favourite suburbs in the Southwest Sydney real estate market?


Let's see what are main reasons that makes St Andrews the most desirable place for home buyers

  • Quiet and serene life
  • Close to M5/M31
  • 5 mins to trains to CBD and Minto Marketplace for fresh fruit /veggie market
  • No traffic and plenty of parking slots near the train station and anywhere around suburbs
  • Close to south coast peaceful and clean beaches
  • High end option is Machatur Square just 15 mins drive
  • Great neighbors
  • Good schools
  • Low Cost of living
  • Internet access
  • Public transport
  • Neighborly spirit
  • Schools

There is a good mix of neighbors from young families, singles, people who have been in their homes for 30 years or more, renters and homeowners. People would have a great neighbour who is always around if they need help, never too busy to lend a hand which is great to know you have someone so close by to help if need be.

Real estate market in St Andrews

After the 2nd phase of the covid-19 outbreak, there have been significant changes in house prices. According to, the current median house price in St Andrews is $826,000 (as of February 2024) based on last year sales and median house rent in St Andrews is $530pw.


Ready to Sell Your Property in St Andrews?

At Empower Estate agents, We provide a great experience, outstanding marketing & the best negotiations tactics to help our clients to achieve their property goals. One of our best real estate agents in St Andrews Sana Ullah, a well-experienced, trusted and reputed real estate agent in Sydney with his excellent marketing skills.

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We believe, Buying or Selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. That’s why finding a real estate agent with the experience to guide you through the process is key. Our extensive St Andrews real estate market research and strategies will help you to sell your property at the highest value.

If you are thinking to sell your home with a professional real estate agent who can bring top results, first get your Free market appraisals from here and we will let you know soon the updated value of your home in the local real estate market.



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