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Real estate in Blair Athol


Real estate in Blair Athol is growing dramatically. It's is a beautiful suburb clean, near everything, quiet and affordable.It Will be worth heaps in the future. Blair Athol is Close to everything, big spaces, excellent views, multicultural, and filled with good people. Much better than the surrounding suburbs and very peaceful.

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What makes Blair Athol one of the most desirable suburb in the Southwest Sydney real estate market.


Let's see what are main reasons what makes Blair Athol most desirable place to home buyers


  • Clean & green
  • Safe and sound
  • Neighborly spirit
  • Parking Parks and recreation
  • Good transportation around.
  • Very close to almost all the major shops and restaurants in Campbelltown.
  • Sizzler is a big plus near the station.
  • Quiet suburb close to Campbelltown City yet walking distance to train station, shops, and anything else you like.
  • Very central, quiet, lots of birdlife

There is a good mix of neighbors from young families, singles, people who have been in their homes for 30 years or more, renters and homeowners in Blair Athol, NSW. People would have a great neighbor who is always around if they need help, never too busy to lend a hand which is great to know you have someone so close by to help if need be.

Real estate market in Blair Athol

After the 2nd phase of the covid-19 outbreak, there have been significant changes in house prices in real estate market. According to  and other sources, houses prices in Blair Athol have raised up to 2.8%.

The level of competition in a suburb can affect prices and availability. Because of this, there is a high demand in the real estate market for properties in Blair Athol. Almost 1099 visits per property in Blair Athol compared to the average of 1334 visits of all properties in NSW. The suburb is transforming with new streets and new houses, as well as a new housing estate.


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real estate agent in Blair Athol

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